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Create intelligence from data

We are a digital transformation and business strategy consulting firm that provides custom roadmaps for brands transitioning to a marketing technology-centric business model. Our clients are large companies that are in sophisticated digital scenarios in which the use and activation of data is a cornerstone to generate a cultural change within the organization.


The expectations of the consumers are becoming higher. They hope that the experience they obtain from their banks, supermarkets and stores will be the same as which they obtain from Google, Facebook, Amazon… The companies that are not at this level with their customers will not have the capacity to generate relevant relationships with their consumers.

The root of our services lies in the ability to demonstrate tangible and sustainable value that helps companies to be more relevant to their customers in the same way that it streamlines their internal processes.

We generate an understanding of the current situation of our clients from three fundamental axes: technology, organizational capacities and culture. This allows us to identify the main problems and opportunities with the aim of defining a detailed roadmap in the short term, making any transformation process tangible.

As a result, our strategic work relies on:

    • As Is Analysis > To Be Strategy
    • Customer 360 Strategy
    • Tech & Org Roadmap – Change management
    • Transformation / Strategy adaptation

We offer end to end services in the data life cycle and support our services in the selection and exploitation of technologies that involve the use of data with a strong focus on their strategy, analytics and exploitation.

We design and implement solutions that adapt to the current reality of our clients and that accelerate their ability to anticipate the constant changes that consumers demand. We accompany our clients in the path to gain competitive advantage through digital technology with our services of data & tech:

    • Marketing Automation – Data Management
    • Marketing Orchestration – Identity Resolution
    • Ad / MarTech setUp & Implementation
    • Data & Marketing Operations – CRO C/UX

Addressing marketing analytics needs is key to deliver real-time targeted advertising and marketing content based on customer behaviour, customer feedback, or competitors moves. We achieve it by analyzing both staged and real-time data.

We are passionate about business challenges as we foster a strong alignment between sales and marketing. We leverage intent data to identify and prioritize high propensity users/clients and orchestrate relevant activities and messaging and drive performance with standardized metrics which focus on breadth and depth of client engagement over long deal cycles.

To do so, we help our clients through the services of:

    • Data-driven attribution (DDA)
    • Digital Analytics
    • Data Modeling

We help our clients to build relevance with customers through data activation in the programmatic ecosystem and in their own communication channels with marketing automation.

Thanks to the end to end understanding of the data cycle and the strategic and tactical level of each of the pieces we manage, we can build more relevant conversations with customers as our solutions allow the companies to communicate in a more personalized way and choose the next best way to target them, according to their own behaviour.

To help our clients in the activation area we offer consulting and implementation services on:

    • Programmatic buying
    • Marketing Automation

based on

Engineering through DATA

We are committed to understand the business and challenges of our clients to improve their business results through Methodology, Data and Technology.


Data&Tech Products

We maximize the return of investment of our clients and avoid to wear down the team’s work by indrustrializing monkey tasks.

For that, we connect signals adding business intelligence that generates incremental impact for our clients. Always with a scientific approach as everything we run is empirically tested.

Our products:



It is a technological platform for managing the consent of users on site. With our CMP, we guarantee our clients that the users’ access to their web properties is aligned within the current legislation.



It facilitates to launch creatives with personalized messages according to the user’s features, interests and behaviour, making resources more efficient and exponentially improving the campaign’s performance.



It helps us generate automated workflows in complex data environments, reducing a great amount of time in data and technology tasks on a daily basis. It is the Tag Manager of big data.


Barceló Hotels

End to end data cycle

Barceló Hotels’s goal was to be able to respond to the high expectatives of consumers in the travel sector with a balance between cost efficiency and demand generation. For that, we aligned technology, people and strategy with a long term partnership working with multidisciplinary projects such as DMP, Attribution Modeling, Data infrastructure, Programmatic trading, CRO, DCO, GCP, GMP and Trafficking Tool. Which have considerably contributed to their return of investment.

To Be Strategy

Data & Tech Services

Activation Services


Building customer relevance

In order to generate more relevant conversations between Bankia and its customers, we have built and developped the Bankia Digital Marketing Platform which helps them achieve greater engagement with its customers through all digital channels, thus being able to adapt to customer requirements with agile solutions that benefit the user experience and the return of investment for Bankia.


To Be Strategy

Data & Tech Services

Activation Services

Unidad Editorial

Data Driven Strategy

Unidad Editorial is in the middle of an ambitious process of digital transformation to be a Data Driven company, innovating in the way of relating to its readers and aiming to lead the Spanish market in the payment for content model. Therefore, we have built a three year project solution which involves a cultural change promoting new processes that improve the reader’s experience and enhance the availability and exploitation of data.


To Be Strategy

Data & Tech Services

Advanced Analytics

El Corte Inglés

Data modeling

El Corte Inglés aimed to make predictions about purchase propensity for different groups of customers that can be synced into marketing platforms with the purpose of making more efficient their activation efforts and increasing the return of investment.

As a result, we have created and implemented a propensity modeling & conversion prediction which has brought great results in conversion rates and therefore, it has considerably increased their ROAS.

To Be Strategy

Data & Tech Services

Advanced Analytics